In the Ceylon tea industry, Raxawa Tea Farm / Tea Estate has been a legacy for more than nine decades.

Raxawa Tea Factory was established in 1934 by the Irish tea grower. Sir G. J. Pickthall was one of the first Tea Grower / Tea Farmer / Tea Planter in the Tea industry in Sri Lanka.

Raxawa Tea Farm / Tea Estate is situated in KANDY, the second Capital City in Sri Lanka.

We carefully harvest and handpick the fresh and tender Tea leaves from our very own Raxawa Tea Farm / Tea Estate, and then make the finest quality Tea with advanced technology produced in our very own ultra modern, certified ISO 22000 Raxawa Tea Factory.

It is with these pillars of strength that we set the foundation for our successful journey through Prime Tea Ceylon.

Our factory fresh Tea has got their uniqueness in taste, quality, and freshness, loaded with many health benefits to suit each and every individual, who are eager to buy fresh tea, reliable tea and EU certified organic products.

In the present market you may find most of the tea packs that are called Pure Ceylon Tea, however are not 100% produced in a single origin but unfortunately mixed with various other kinds of tea from different origins or countries around the world and also these tea packs are kept in shelves for more than six months time and losses their freshness and aroma of a real Ceylon cup of Tea.

Our tea packs are not so they are freshly plucked and shipped within one week of time when an order is placed with us and our tea maintains the freshness and aroma right through the shipment and then to your tea cup.

We are ready to provide you farm fresh and Pure Ceylon Tea leaves in tea bags and in pot bags directly from our Tea Farms, which will be free from adulteration, fiddling or mixing with any other origin tea around the world.

The production capacity of our Tea Factory is 4 million kilos of bulk made tea into the market and are exported to different destinations such as to China being our major importer of Pure Ceylon Black Tea, and then to Canada, USA, European regions, United Kingdom, France, Germany including Middle Eastern countries and to many other destinations around the world.

We have different types of loose leaf tea and also stylish pyramid tea bags to suit different market segments.

We also have unique varieties of green tea mixed with herbs, such as mint, green tea with natural lemon and orange, green tea with natural pineapple, apricot, rose and jasmine flower petals and green tea with coconut and vanilla, black tea with almond, chocolate and mint, Green tea mixed with 100 % natural fruits and flowers.

The above black and green tea are carefully and hygienically handpicked and packed in tight moisture free paper canisters that contain pyramid tea bags of 25, 50 and 100 numbers.

In our Chai spice tea range which includes renowned Ceylon organic spices of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves that is mixed with our Pure Ceylon Black Tea.

Our tea is freshly plucked and shipped and our tea maintains it’s freshness and aroma right through the shipment.

We are one of the finest tea suppliers presently supplying tea around the world.

About Raxawa

Raxawa has been a legacy of the Ceylon Tea industry for the last nine decades of Tea Farming. This legacy and prestigious icon in the Ceylon Tea Industry has travelled forward successfully nearing the century mark. 

Raxawa Tea Factory was established by the Irish Tea growers in 1934 in Sri Lanka. Raxawa has successfully established its brand name Prime Tea Ceylon, and it has created a range of products and unique flavours into a competitive global market.  It is now strengthened with a team of a highly qualified, trained and well-experienced team of professionals whose expertise extends into Tea Farming, Tea producing and Tea marketing.

Raxawa consists of third-generation family engagement in Tea Farming in Sri Lanka. We as specialised Tea growers carefully handpick the fresh, tender tea leaves from our very own Tea Farm which is situated 4000 feet above sea level amongst the highest mountainous region of Sri Lanka surrounded by the beautiful Knuckles mountains and its fresh waterfalls. Raxawa Tea Farm is about 250 hectares of Tea and Spices, with a workforce of more than 500, and has been producing more than one million Kilograms of Black Tea per annum, for the last five consecutive years. This Tea Factory is fully automated with all ultra-modern Tea Machinery to produce the highest quality Pure Ceylon Tea in the World.



Appreciate that you would partner with us to provide the best quality tea in the world to your beautiful Country.

 The tea I am offering you are of a premium range of products directly from our tea farm in Sri Lanka. 

How to Make Cold Brew Tea

Cold-brew tea is an iced tea that is made by infusing the tea leaves in cold water rather than hot water or boiling water. Since cold water doesn’t develop flavours as easily as hot water, the steeping time is significantly longer when making iced tea using the cold brew method. It’s similar to making sun tea, but instead of placing the tea in direct sunlight, the cold-brewed tea steeps in a large pitcher in the refrigerator. Cold-brew tea can be made using tea bags or loose tea, though loose leaf tea generally offers better flavours compared to tea bags. Learn how to make cold brew tea with these useful tips and our simple cold brew recipe.

Easy Cold Brew Tea Recipe


  • 1 tablespoon loose leaf tea for every 8 ounces of water

  • Water

  • Optional Flavorings (raspberries, fresh mint, flower petals, lemons, cucumbers, etc)


  1. Fill a glass pitcher with room temperature water or cold water.

  2. Add the loose tea leaves. You can simply place the leaves in the pitcher or add them to a tea strainer for easy removal later.

  3. Cover the pitcher with a lid or tea towel and place it in the refrigerator.

  4. Let the tea steep in the cold water for 6 to 12 hours. Green tea and white tea should be steep for 6 to 8 hours while black tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, and herbal tea should steep for 8 to 12 hours.

  5. Taste the tea every few hours to find your desired flavour. Once the tea finishes steeping, remove the tea leaves by pouring the concentrate through a fine-mesh strainer.

  6. Add flavourings if desired, serve over ice cubes, and enjoy your cup of tea!

Tips For Cold Brewing Tea

While making cold brew iced tea is relatively easy, there are a few handy tips you can use to ensure your tea is as tasty as possible.

Use the Right Tools

We recommend using a glass pitcher or glass containers such as mason jars when making cold brew tea. Not only does the glass enable you to view the stunning colours of the tea, but it also won’t react with any ingredients. Some metal containers may react with acidic elements, altering the flavour of your tea, so it’s best to avoid cold brewing tea in metal bowls or jars.

If you choose to make cold brew iced tea with loose leaves, it’s a good idea to use a fine mesh infuser or a cheesecloth when straining out the leaves. These tools help to remove even the finest sediment from the tea leaves, ensuring your glass of tea is crystal clear and free from tea dust.

Use only high-quality tea leaves to get the best-iced tea flavours. Since cold brewing tea takes longer to develop flavours, using poor quality leaves can cause astringent notes unpleasant to the palate.

Steeping Time

The longer the tea steeps, the stronger the flavours will become. Some teas like black tea such as Earl Grey contain high amounts of tannins that can develop astringent flavours. Some people enjoy these bitter notes while others prefer smoother tastes, so make sure to try your tea every few hours when it is steeping. This will help you nail down the perfect flavour.

Adding Sweeteners

Since this brewing method requires using cold water to make tea, there are only a few types of sweeteners you can use to sweeten the tea. Cold water won’t dissolve hard sugars such as cane sugar or brown sugar very well. Instead, use a liquid sugar such as simple syrup or agave to sweeten your cold brew tea or cold brew coffee.


You can refrigerate your cold brew tea for 3 to 5 days depending on the ingredients you use in your iced tea recipe. Make sure to keep the pitcher covered to prevent other food items from contaminating your tea.

Benefits of Cold Brewing over Traditional Steeping

While true teas and herbal infusions provide many nutrients and beneficial elements no matter how they are prepared, cold brewing does offer some advantages. When hot water is introduced to tea leaves and tisane components, some of the antioxidants and other nutrients are necessarily broken down. Try cold brewing our Turmeric Ginger or Ruby Sipper for a powerful Vitamin C boost!

Black Tea

Black tea is an esteemed classic beverage throughout the world. It’s richer in colour, more penetrating in flavour because of the fermentation process. Prime Tea Ceylon produces the best Ceylon Black Tea with a unique taste for Tea lovers around the world. For those who prefer milder flavours, you can add a splash of honey, cream or soy milk for a truly delightful sipping experience

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Green And Herbal Tea

Ceylon Green Tea is made from unfermented tea leaves and supposedly contains the highest concentration of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. So it’s noted that Green Tea has many health benefits.
With its fragrant and delicate taste, PRIME TEA CEYLON GREEN TEA is also available in loose as well as in tea bags for those who like to indulge in this exotic, soothing and calm drink as part of their daily routine as Green Tea Lovers.

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Exclusive Tea

Prime Tea Ceylon has its premium and best quality Tea range which has the highest demand domestically and internationally. This premium set of Tea has different manufacturing methods compared to Black Tea or Green Tea and has specially designed packages which popup the highest quality and the durability.

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PRIME TEA CEYLON has won over a significant portion of the export market, particularly in Australia, and in other countries like China, USA, UK, Canada,  UAE- Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Maldives etc. under the prestigious ” PRIME TEA CEYLON’ brand.

Today it stands so proud with a long history and the heritage of a rich generation of professionals in the Tea Industry in Tea Tasting, marketing of Tea and  in Tea production with the most outstanding performance in producing an attractive range of Tea to the Tea industry in our own Tea factory with carefully handpicked fresh Tea leaves from our own Tea farm situated in the hill capital of Ceylon  ” Kandy “.  PRIME TEA CEYLON took another giant step forward in supplying superior quality Tea for other PRIME TEA branches under their own branding PRIME TEA CEYLON and also labelling as per their each brand’s requirement.

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Our Herbal and Tea infusions come in pyramid Tea bags to allow maximum infusion for great taste. 100% natural pure herbs found in the natural rain forest in Sri Lanka. Ethically sourced from 100% pure herbs found in the natural rain forest environment free of pollution and free of any harmful chemicals. No trace of chemicals found in the soil.

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