2015 LWT Summit Agenda – HER

Last year Dattch creator, Robyn Exton, came to san francisco bay area to pitch a lesbian matchmaking app at the inaugural Lesbians which technical Summit. She had gotten the attention of the full section of judges and all of 700 ladies in the group. This season she will be on additional side of the table and a completely new array of innovators will pitch their particular ideas to traders and business owners alike. We are happy to supply a

sneak look of 2015 LWT Summit schedule

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Thursday, March 26

Starting Happy Hour

6:00 pm – 9:00pm // Beaux Cafe Castro

Friday, February 27

An Important Occasion

8:30am // Gates Start – Castro Theatre

9:30am – 11am // Glorious day Sessions // Castro Theatre

Welcome // Leanne Pittsford, Creator, Lesbians Who Tech

Let’s Understand This Summit Started // Erica Anderson, Twitter & Danielle Moodie Mills, Emcees

Damaging the Bro Code // Dominique DeGuzman, Computer Software Engineer, Twilio

From information Geek to growing chief to ‘People Focused’ management // Ideas on how to Emerge through the Shadows Christy Gaughan, Director of Marketing Science, Genentech

Can tech Solve Gun Violence // Pia Carusone, past Chief of Staff to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords

Day Keynote

Unpacking Privacy, Rose Hayes, Engineering Director at Bing & Board of administrators at Transgender rules Center

As soon as we talk about confidentiality, we usually use much of alike vocabulary we used to mention safety. How exactly does this influence the objectives we arranged, the concerns we ask, additionally the solutions we give. What is actually lacking through the point of view which comes along with the security frame of mind?

11:00am // Simply Take Some Slack – You Deserve It

11:30am // Breakout Lounge Sessions // (locations given)

Ladies in technical Lounge // Qbar // paid by Indiegogo

Hacker’s Lounge // Beaux club // Sponsored by Amazon

Career & Connection Lounge // Sponsored by Linkedin

11:30am // Late day Main Stage Sessions // Castro Theatre

UX Research and Design: the human being part of Tech, Aga Bojko, Director of User analysis, Indiegogo

Sponsorship Isn’t Really Enough: Precisely Why Tech Businesses Are Failing Woefully To Entice Female Designers, Adria Richards

From The Most Successful Kickstarter venture ever before to a Gaming Empire // How One Entrepreneur Re-imaged the manner by which we Play Games, Julie Uhrman, creator & CEO, OUYA

Thanks for the Provider. This is Basic, Vanessa Vinson

How one queer ladies is trying making it in tech after serving the woman nation.

The long term Genetic Testing // Emily Conley, 23andMe

Fireside Chat // How Badass Women Can Be Solving Technical’s Variety Difficulty

Moderated by Danielle Moodie Mills & Aisha Moodie Mills

Kimberly Bryant, Ebony Women Code

Tina Lee, Mother Coders

Aliya Rahman // Plan Director, Code for Advancement

12:30pm // Get Your Grub On // Lunch Breakouts

Lunch Outbreaks Sessions*

Meal subscription will open soon!

Music Tech // Managed by Pandora

Coders Connect // Managed by Twilio

Tech electricity Lesbians Q & A // managed by SnapChat

Decoding business Equity payment // Hosted by Robasciotti & Associates, Inc

Ignite Lunch Classes // Managed by Optimizely

*For lunch, you will pick one of breakout periods in areas round the Castro theatre, each on a new subject. Meal enrollment will start quickly!

2:00pm // Afternoon Sessions // Castro Theatre

How Automated Software, Quantitative Analytics & Formulas Are Making Financial Thinking A Lot More Obtainable For Millennials, Ali Rosenthal, Vice-president of Strategic Partnerships, Wealthfront

Just how Training Transgender Ladies Technical Skill is Conserving Resides // Miss Angelica Ross, Founder TransTech

Lesbians Who Technical Entrepreneur Pitch Program

Four remarkable queer women entrepreneurs will pitch the companies and programs they are building, in front of a panel of judges such as people and entrepreneurs.

Business Owners

Riana Lynn, Foods Trace

Katy Atkinson, DataSnap

Monica Taher, ClipYap

Even more quickly!


Robyn Exton, Founder, Dattch

Kathrina Manalac, Y Combinator

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder, Reddit

2:00pm // Afternoon Lounge Sessions // (places specified)

In depth schedule of breakout classes not far off!

Ladies in Tech Lounge // QBar // Sponsored by Indiegogo

Hacker’s Lounge // Beaux pub // Sponsored by Amazon

Career & relationship Lounge // backed by Linkedin

3:15pm // City Director Lesbians Whom Technical Meetup!

// QBar

Jess Ainlay, Chicago

Caroline Younger, Boston

Jennifer Oslislo, Portland

3:30pm // get A Break + have actually a glass or two // actually, You Deserve It

4:00pm // Keynotes & Afternoon Sessions // Castro Theatre

Keynote Meeting

Kara Swisher, Founder, Re/code.net

Marc Benioff, President, Salesforce.com

Keynote Ignite Program

Women Against Humanity, Kate Stayman-London, Lead Storyteller, Change.org

How I became a VC in my own 20’s, Sarah Kunst, companion, Fortis Partners

Just how a Brazilian Lesbian sure Bill Gates to Start Expedia, Soraya Bittencourt, item and computer software technology Executive

The Future of Cellular Phone Health Tech, Meg Columbia-Walsh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Inverse Mobile Phone

Keynote Interview

Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer, U . S .

Leanne Pittsford, Creator, Lesbians Just Who Tech

5:30pm // That’s A Wrap // High Fives

5:30pm After Party: Cocktails + Conversation // Hell Yeah // The Cafe (Hosted by Yelp, introduction computer software & Mandrill)

Saturday, February 28

Hackathon // Mozilla Organizations SF

Registration coming soon!


Workshop Track // Github Soma Workplaces

Registration coming soon!

9:30am Breakfast

10:30am – 12:00pm // Morning periods

Just before slim in // Understanding the Neuroscience of Change, Tamera Schmidt, Director income Excellence at VMware & Neuro Coach

Your own Gut as a Culture-Changing Tool, Ginger Chien, contribute Member of Technical Staff/Data service Device Architect at AT&T Mobility

Personal PR: Creating and Handling Your Brand, Elissa Beth, CTO/Co-Founder at Glimpse Labs

The Secret of Public Speaking // Holley Murchison, Rhetoric Coach, Oratory Glory

How to locate your very best Talk // Cloe Shasha, Ted Associate tools Producer at TED

Fish Bowl Training

Dani Rukin, CPCC, PCC, Management Developing and Profession Mentor

Rajkumari Neogy, CEO at iRestart

12:30pm – 2:00pm // meal program

Hacking the Technical Workforce

Mary Scotton, Principal Developer Evangelist at salesforce.com

Ayori Selassie, Sr. Remedy Engineer, Income Engineer, System Specialist at


Ladies and underrepresented minorities tend to be hacking the tech workforce. This has been over a-year since Silicon Valley tech organizations posted their unique dismal diversity stats. In reaction, we have now viewed an ever growing society of business owners and coders switching the tech landscaping, one Hackathon/Conference/Company at the same time. Join you to know these success stories and the ways to put into action these hacks in your work environment.

2:00pm // Afternoon Sessions

The Ingredients of Tech Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur Q & A

Janelle S. Allen, Founder at Learnwise.co

Jessica McGlory, Founder at Business Anticipate Venture

A lot more quickly

How-to Grow Your Company & Your Number Of Customers

Ari Isaacman Astles, Director of Growth, NY Times

Lisa Sullivan-Cross, VP Growth, Pandora

Maud Pasturaud, Portable & Business Growth Expert

check it out

Handling Stealth Barriers to Diverse engagement and Enhanced development, Dr. Catherine Ashcraft from nationwide Center for Women & that (NCWIT)

Come read about many of the concealed barriers and subdued biases that often avoid companies from choosing leading skill. In this entertaining demonstration, Dr. Catherine Ashcraft from the National Center for females & IT (NCWIT), will go over exactly how individuals and businesses can effortlessly address these concealed barriers to better attract and retain the diverse talent which will drive potential invention. Attendees will learn about real methods and sources they’re able to make use of for applying these techniques within businesses.


Brunch Dual Union

Registration coming soon!

Want LesbiansWhoTech all year round in your area? It is advisable to start a feminist maker/hackerspace where you can spend time with folks you love every week! Learn how dual Union developed a women-centered, queer-positive, feminist society working area as well as how you might carry out the same your geographical area. Pay attention to a job interview with two founding members of dual Union precisely how they discovered a place, finalized the lease, and liberated a 3D printer. We shall provide a light brunch with vegan and gluten-free possibilities.


Lesbians Exactly Who Bike

Registration just around the corner!

Sunday, March 1

Closing Brunch

Registration just around the corner!

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